About the Club

On Saturday, 14th November 1987 a meeting of owners, breeders and admirers of Dandie Dinmont Terriers was held in the Fleece Hotel, Selkirk to discuss the formation of a Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Scotland.

The first paragraph of the first minute book written by Deirdre McLeod.

It was stated that from May through June a petition gathered support for a proposal which would be submitted to the Scottish Kennel Club asking for support and guidance in the formation of a club based in Scotland.

The meeting was attended by 17 people, with apologies for non-attendance being received from a further 14 people.

A steering committee of 6, comprising Mrs McLeod, Mrs Hulme, Mrs Dalziel, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Walkley and Mr McKenzie was formed. From there it was agreed Mr McKenzie would act as treasurer and Mrs McLeod as Secretary.

During discussion described as outstandingly frank and open, a design for the constitution of the proposed club was agreed and the number of officers discussed and agreed.

Founder members were invited with a fee of £5 per person and an entrance/enrolment fee of £5 per person.

There were three names for the club submitted to the Kennel Club on the application form:
The Caledonian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club“, “The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Scotland” and “The Scottish Dandie Dinmont Terrier Association“. The resultant vote recorded 15, 14 and 13 votes, in that order.

The Club would serve Scotland and the Border Counties.

The application to register the club was made following the meeting and confirmed the C.D.D.T.C. registered in April 1989.

The list of Founder Members recorded as follows:

Mr J. Wiseman, Miss N. Paterson, Mrs D. McLeod, Mrs E. McLeod, Mr J. Robertson, Mrs I. Robertson, Mr P. Hulme, Mrs M. Nealy, Mrs Barnett, Mrs M. Wakley, Miss J. Walkley, Mrs B. Deacon, Mrs E. Dalziel, Mrs E. Melville, Mr P. McGurk, Miss C. McGurk, Mr R. Taylor, Mr A. Crawford, Mrs F. Crawford, Mr J. McKenzie, Mrs M. McKenzie, Mr T. McKenzie, Mr A. Harper, Mrs M. Harper, Mrs Barbour, Miss L. Barbour, Mrs W. Weatherstone, Mr W. Shore, Mrs J. Shore, Miss P. Davidson, Mrs R. Findlayson, Mrs S. Sharpe, Mr Jonas Wiborg, Mrs P. Gibbs, Mr P. Hannigan, Mrs Dalrymple, Mrs M. Dewar, Miss S. Parker, Mrs G. Wilson, Mrs Foster, Mrs Mabon, Mr Hicks and Mrs Hicks.

The election of the first set of Officers and Committee took place 5th August 1989.

  • Convenor – Mrs Dalziel
  • Vice Convenor – Mrs Hulme
  • Secretery – Mrs McLeod
  • Treasurer – Mr Robertson
  • Committee – Miss Paterson, Mrs Nealy, Mr Wiseman, Mrs Walkley, Mrs Robertson, Mr Hicks, Mrs Crawford and Mrs Hicks

Working diligently, the club set to raise funds for a set of “Founders Trophies”.

Taken from Dandie Dialogue 25th Silver Anniversary Edition