The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is classed as a non- shedding breed.

He is double coated meaning his body coat or “jacket” consists of a crispy topcoat for waterproofing and a softer linty undercoat for insulation.

His legs, underneath, and head consist of softer hair.

General maintenance of your dog’s coat should mean he is brushed thoroughly several times a week, the amount depending on his environment. Puppies should be groomed daily.  Care should be taken that the coat is groomed right through down to the skin and that any knots or tangles are gently teased out with your fingers or dispersed carefully using a matt splitter. The most common place for knots to be missed is inside the legs at the top.

To keep a dandie in the correct coat he should be hand stripped and the puppy coat should be stripped out by around 4 months.  With an adult pet dandie, it is usually sufficient to have hand stripping done around 4 – 6 times a year depending on the rate at which the coat grows.  If however, you wish for your dandie to have a tidier appearance then the coat may need to be rolled more often.  This can be done by your groomer or you may wish to learn to do it yourself.

A dandies coat can, if wished, be clipped for convenience but if this is done it will lose its crispness and colour and will not be as waterproof.  It may also be impossible to return it to its pre-clipped condition or it may many months and a lot of work to try and get it back to a strippable coat if this is later wished for. Please note that if the dandie is spayed or neutered then the texture of the coat sometimes changes.  Stripping the coat may become difficult and may start to become uncomfortable for the dog or in some cases just doesn’t strip out to look right.  In these instances then the coat should be clipped.

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